Where couples counseling meets stay-cation!

    In a cozy waterfront cottage, this private retreat is tailored for 4 couples. This intimate setting is designed for: personalized attention, role-playing, engaging discussions, bonding exercises

    Take a break from your everyday demands, beginning the afternoon of February 11 to the morning of February 13. You will have the opportunity to self-reflect and develop a deeper connection with your partner, through this romantic vacation experience.

    >>> FAQs & PICTURES BELOW <<<


    Ways to improve your relationship and an overall sense of emotional connection with each other.

    Self-reflection, new ways of thinking

    How to be present, show up for your partner in ways that are meaningful to them

    What it means to co-regulate




    after the retreat, registrants will receive 25% off any type of therapy sessions

    redeemable for 6 whole months!

    HOSTED by :
    Tamara Henningham CYW, MSW, RSW

    Tamara is the CEO and founder of Henningham & Associates. Through her extensive work as a family therapist, Tamara saw a reoccurring theme of couples needing to reconnect and recharge. Through this 3-day getaway, Tamara aims to reignite couples' confidence and belief that they have everything they need to be happy in their relationship. Tamara invites couples to exhale and release their relational guilt while providing strategies that can further develop their skills to be the partner they've always imagined themselves to be.

    frequently asked questions

    • What are your COVID-19 protocols? We will be doing temperature checks and requesting to see a negative covid test result upon arrival. Further details will be discussed at orientation (February 1) to ensure we are following up-to-date protocols. Please check your junk/spam emails for missed communications.

    • Can I use my work benefits to cover the cost? Yes! A couples' retreat a.k.a. couples' intensive, is a great way to start your journey to reconnect and recharge, as a couple. This is one of many ways to participate in couples' therapy. If your insurance company covers Registered Social Workers (RSW), you can submit this expense to them as couple's therapy. All the workshops are rooted in a therapeutic framework. For more information on this, please email your inquiries to [email protected] WORKSHOPS WILL NOT BE RECORDED

    • Who is this Retreat For? Mature couples who want to take a deep dive in the following areas: Sex and intimacy, communication, and conflict resolution. You don't have to be legally married or in a common-law union to register for this getaway. This retreat is not a therapy option for couples who are in crisis and couples who are experiencing physical, emotional, or any other form of abuse.

    • How much does this retreat cost? $127 deposit, per person, to secure your spot and two payments additional payments. Tailored payment plans is based of amenities provided in each room. Full payment can be sent to [email protected] If you have additional questions, please send them to [email protected]

    • What is included in this retreat? HOUSING (your own bedroom), TRANSPORTATION (there and back), PERSONAL CHEF (breakfast, lunch & dinner), & 7 WORKSHOPS. A detailed itinerary, and personalized workbook. Participants will also receive a 25% discount on any type of therapy session. Orientation will be held on NOVEMBER 9th at 6 pm for registrants.

    • What will be on the Menu? During the registration process, you will be asked about any allergies/food restrictions. The menu will be based on your dietary needs.

    • What will the workshops be on? Sex and intimacy, how to show up for your partner, enhancing communication, learn how to reflect, bonding activities, a romantic evening and so much more.

    • Where will this retreat be held? 2.5 hours outside Toronto. Specifically, Port Rowan, Ontario.

    • Am I able to leave before Sunday? Absolutely! However, you would be responsible for arranging your own transportation if you wish to leave before the end of the retreat No refund will be administered at this time.

      Take a leap of faith... You really have nothing to lose BUT so much to gain!

      See you in February 2022!